Tools to Help You Manage Your Projects

Working on a project or when your working with a team, you’ll be assigned to bits and pieces of the project same as with your teammates. Pretty soon the project will be in a thousand different places. Read More . . .

Type of People on how income is generated.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Renowned financial guru Robert Kiyosaki has identified four distinct types of people based on how they generate income. He called this the cashflow quadrant. Read this article to look at the characteristics of each of the four quadrants: Read More . . .

Managing Projects using Teambox

Teambox is an awesome online project management tool.  Teambox is a  friendlier version of the popular Basecamp collaboration software.  It has a  simple, clean layout with awesome graphics.  Read More. . .

Collaborate/Handle Projects using Freedcamp

Freedcamp is an online project management software.  It offers many features in a simple interface.  It is a collaborative Software, Document Management System, Issue Tracking System, Resource Management, Scheduling, Web Application at an excellent price.  Read More . . .

Remote Connect using TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a feature-packed remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer, chat, and etc., software.  It is the easiest software to setup and use.  It is the most powerful software available.   Best of all, it’s free for home users.  Read More . . .

Share/Store/Synch Files using Dropbox

In this tutorial, you will learn how to share, store, and synch your files.  A MUST for a virtual assistant or freelancers.  Read More . . .

Online Storage Service using  GoogleDrive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service linked to your Google account.  You can store your documents, photos, music, videos, etc. all in one place.  It syncs with your mobile devices and your computer, so if you make a change from one gadget, it will automatically show up if you were to access it elsewhere.  Service is FREE up to 15GB. Read More . . .

Communicate Online using Skype

Skype is by far the most popular voice communication service in the world.   It has broken barriers to communication.  It is a way to talk to family members in different parts of the country.  It is a now becomes a way to be there for important life events when you can’t be there in person. Read More . . .

Create eye-cathing images using GIMP

Do you like to create eye-catching images? Or, if you have a bunch of photos and you want to do something creative with them.  You can try animating them and make them your profile avatar. Read More . . .

Shorten your URL and earn money using ADF.LY

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use ADF.ly as an URL Shortening and at the same earn you money online.  Read More . . .


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