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How to use Teambox

Teambox is an awesome online project management tool.  Teambox is a  friendlier version of the popular Basecamp collaboration software.  It has a  simple, clean layout with awesome graphics.

Check out my tutorial on how to use teambox.

Tools to Help You Manage Your Projects

Working on a project or when your working with a team, you’ll be assigned to bits and pieces of the project same as with your teammates. Pretty soon the project will be in a thousand different places. You’ll have task list, documents save on different computers and google docs accounts, various emails, instant messaging about the project, time tracking in  yet another app.  With all of this, there is a possibility of confusion or your digital tools are dragging the project down.

A solution is a good  online project management tool especially for us freelancers or virtual assistant.  It helps you to be organized. Best of all, it promotes communication, transparency and accountability.   Everyone has the same access to a project’s information and target lines. Each member of the team knows his or her  role. No one is left in the dark.

I scope for free online project management that any freelancer can use.  There are some that are not really user friendly.  Some have layout whose graphics can cause confusion.  Some I find to be really good.  They are so good I created tutorials for them.  It is important to mention that although the following tools are free there is usually a paid version to accommodate larger teams and more projects.

Here are free online project management tools in no particular order that might help your team manage projects and be as productive as they can be:

  • Teambox – extremely easy to use with awesome graphics and clean layout.  Free version allows up to 5 users.
  • Freedcamp – very easy to use with a robust set of features and only one price plan, free.

How to use Freedcamp

Freedcamp is an online project management software.  It offers many features in a simple interface.  It is a collaborative Software, Document Management System, Issue Tracking System, Resource Management, Scheduling, Web Application at an excellent price.